What Our Clients Are Saying!

Thank you SO much.  My sister and I met at the house around 330 to see what was left.  We were there for about 2 hrs.   So bitter sweet knowing it needed to be done but were hoping it wouldn't have been until after Dad was gone.  I appreciate you communication and care you and your team took with Dad's  house.   It's  good to see that people were willing to travel for the sale, the more the merrier.   Thank you again and l will look forward to hearing from you later in the week
Tracey L, Rochelle, IL

Like most people, I was recently thrown into a situation - requiring an estate sale - that I was wholly unprepared for. I did a little digging online, and went to a few local sales to get a feel for what we were getting into. So many details. So much potential for screwing things up if we tried to do it ourselves. So many less than credible companies out there. So much plain old work. Add in the complexity that we were under a tight timeline (closing on the house within a month). Simply put, we needed someone who had done this before, and to whom we could hand over control with confidence.

I was referred to Charlene and Timesavers via a co-worker who had used them previously. I was heartened by the fact her minimum commission was less than the competition - and as we were worried if we had enough to even hold a sale, this was important to us. (Spoiler alert - we cleared that minimum amount 3 times over on Day 1 of the sale alone - benefitting her AND us).

Here is my experience working with Charlene:

- She met every agreed upon commitment, without drama and without issue. Simply, she was as good as her word (and her contract).
- She is exceedingly responsive. Based on a work schedule, I needed to rely on email to keep in contact, and every mail sent was met with a quick and thorough reply. Every. One. This goes an incredibly long way to addressing fears and concerns about this mysterious process we were entering into for the first time.
- She has been doing this a while, and has seen it and dealt with it all. I think our sale was a fairly standard one at the end of the day, but it was nice knowing if anything weird happened, she had likely seen it before.
- She takes her role as advocating for the seller seriously. Having to deal with buyers who can be a little aggressive and a little entitled and a lot rude takes a thick skin. She has one. This is to your benefit.
- She was able to refer us to a post-sale clean up guy who was simply awesome. We were able to have a sale, clean out, clean up, have a final walk thru and close on a house sale within 5 days. Amazing.

Hiring an estate sale company requires a fair bit of trust. We couldn't be happier with how things turned out.
Steve N


I really can't express my gratitude for your hard work and determination. I was so very lucky to find your website. Donna is a fantastic assistant. Selling a loved one's items can be very difficult, but you made it a simple process. I will always be grateful for your sincerity. Thank you for your kind words. I have always had a passion for preserving someone's history by passing it on to someone who would love it. I have done this with some of my own possessions.  Thank you again.
Donna O.

Timesavers did a great job at holding an estate sale for us. They worked hard and were well organized under less than ideal circumstances. It's a difficult task to balance the sense of value for a loved one's possessions with the need to liquidate it, and Timesavers did it very well. They were able to sell more than we expected, and we were pleased with the proceeds. They kept in touch from start to finish (and beyond), and really worked for our best interest. Their clean up guy, Gary, was a great referral, and we would recommend him to anyone for the job that he does and the fairness of his price. It's never easy to deal with the loss of a loved one, but Timesavers was very helpful in getting through a very difficult task.

Bettina M and Jacob L

Charlene:  I received both checks today, for the sale proceeds and for the car. I appreciate all your hard work. I was pleasantly surprised at the list of items that was sold!  Thank you also for getting the handicap sticker returned from the automobile purchaser. Once again, thank you for all your hard work on our sale in Oswego.

Nancy D
Clinton, Iowa

Hello Charlene,
Sorry about the delay to your request. It was good to hear from you. It was a pleasure to have you conduct our Estate Sale in a very professional manner. Your experienced staff were great. The clean out for charity donation by Gary could not have been better. Thanks for the recommendation.
Trust things are going well with you.
Best, Kay and Earl, St. Charles


Hi Charlene!   

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your hard work and all the efforts you put into this "venture", and being a part of it :-).  Keep it up because it really helps a lot of people. .

Here is the address where you can mail the check:  _________________.    Nice to have met you and your wonderful staff.  Keep it up!  You are successful in your business, and it's definitely helping people.  Take care!  God bless.

I really appreciate it.
Marilyn B. Country Club Hills


After my mother passed away, I was not sure how I would be able to handle selling her belongings. She had a lot in quality and certainly in quantity. What Charlene and the Timesavers team did was remarkable. We had a packed house which could have been overwhelming to anyone. Charlene prepared well and ensured she had the right amount of people for the right amount of time to prepare for the sale. There is absolutely no way I could have done it myself. The estate sale itself ran smoothly and my family and I certainly appreciate everything Charlene and the team did. Even friends of the family who attended the sale couldn't say enough positive things about how they managed the sale and the people, as well as how they respected our home in the process. Going through a loss is difficult enough and hiring Timesavers was well worth it. Thank you, Charlene and team!

Kailei R, Aurora

We want to thank Charlene and her staff at Timesavers for all their time and effort.  To say we had a lot of items to sell is an understatement (50 yrs worth).  You were all very informative of the process. We were extremely limited on space and thanks to their creative efforts, they were able to display as much as possible.  They put a lot of time into research for vintage items, (furniture, books, collectible dolls to name a few).  We liked the idea of bidding for the better items, it allowed us to get the best price.

Thanks again

Matt & Edie R.  -  Downers Grove, IL


Charlene, we want to thank you for all your hard work. We knew what was involved and realized it was so much. We received your check yesterday and are very happy and consider it a success. Thank you again for all you did for us. We really appreciate it.
Would recommend your services highly!

Oscar and Barbara
Barrington, IL


After we accepted an offer on my father's house, we found out the estate sale management company we'd originally met with to manage the sale was booked and could not help us out.  Our real estate attorney had heard great things about Timesavers and they were more than happy to help us on very short notice.  With their hard work and knowledge of collectibles, we managed to have a great sale.  We especially appreciated that they worked both weekend days and had a very large existing customer base to advertise to.

Jane P., Evanston, IL


(Email prior to sending testimonial)....... All I can say is, "Wow, wow, wow!"  The check arrived today along with the inventory of items sold.  Thank you so much for your thoroughness and quick turn-around.  I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am that everything went well and that the sale came and went without a hitch.

The closing on the house last Friday went well and Shirlee said the house looked terrific. I feel so blessed to have had such good fortune of finding your services.  As you know, it has been an added stress being so far away in Minnesota.

(Testimonial)   After researching several estate sale companies in the Chicago area, I made the decision to select Timesavers for the handling of my brother's estate in North Aurora.  I could not have been happier with my decision!  I live in Minnesota, so everything related to the sale was handled by e-mail or phone.  Charlene was the main contact and I have nothing but positives to say about her and the entire process.  Charlene is a strong communicator.  Her responses to my questions were both thorough and immediate.  She was direct and honest in regard to the sale and also helped arrange the clean out and cleaning of the house after the sale.  I was on a tight timeline, as the house needed to be prepared for a closing.  All of the accounting and financial statements were handled professionally and swiftly.  Working with Timesavers proved to be the right decision during a difficult time.  I highly recommend their services with no hesitations.

Lisa H. - Minnesota



Charlene - "I wanted to take this time to thank you for the work you did for me in Warrenville. Gary Clean Out guys were great. They emptied the house in enough time for us to show and we are currently under contract. I couldn't have done it without everyone's help. Charlene is a wealth of knowledge and definately knows her business. Her contacts are outstanding and I would recommend her to manage your estate sale.

Thanks again,




Thanks again for all your hard work and the great job you all did.  You have nice people working for you.  Thanks also for referring us to the charity. Two very pleasant gentlemen brought a large moving van this morning and it was totally full when they left. I'm looking forward to seeing the house freshly painted and clean.  I just realized that the last time I saw it empty was 50 years ago!! Thanks so much for the hard work and also the referral for after the sale. I'll be happy to recommend you to people. 

Trish M, Arlington Heights


Timersavers Estate Sales
The name truly fits the excellent service and sweet understanding Charlene. She treated all of our things with the respect and love that we had and with her wealth of knowledge priced them for great deals for the customer guests and full fairness to us.  She saw my needs and met them even before I could ask my questions,  was very responsive and kept us well informed before during and after the sale. She really helped us to deal with the leftovers.   If you find yourself in need of getting rid of your loved items call Timersavers and feel confident that a great job will be done.   Thanks Charlene for a wonderful well done job.  I now have a great new friend in you and can confidently recommend you timely service.
J. Smith, St. Charles



Thanks again for all your hard work and the great job you all did.  You have nice people working for you.  Thanks also for referring us to the charity. Two very pleasant gentlemen brought a large moving van this morning and it was totally full when they left. I'm looking forward to seeing the house freshly painted and clean.  I just realized that the last time I saw it empty was 50 years ago!! Thanks so much for the hard work and also the referral for after the sale. I'll be happy to recommend you to people. 

TM, Arlington Heights


Hi Charlene --

Thanks again for your hard work in running a spectacular sale!  We have completely emptied the house and the new owners will be taking possession next week. 

I wish you good health and continued success and hope to see you again.  Maybe I'll drop by one of your estate sales!

Take care and God Bless --
Pam Murdock, Flossmoor


Timesavers Inc was a true blessing for us, for several reasons.  First and most importantly, we needed to dispose of assets of parents who had moved into elderly housing, but we live 1,000 miles away and we were physically not able to do some of the preparation and organization of assets to be sold.  As a result, we needed someone who was highly dependable, but also flexible enough to work with us "long distance".  Charlene's preparation and attention to detail was wonderful.  We were able to communicate by cell phones and emails.  But honestly, the preparation and display of items for sale was so highly organized that we didn't really need a lot of communication.  We were very impressed with Timesavers use of their web site, which was updated frequently.  We were delighted with the web site pictures, particularly within the day or two prior to the actual estate sale.  What a relief to see how nicely all of the items were displayed for sale.

The results are a final testament to any endeavor, and we were extremely pleased with the monetary results of the sale.  A very important factor was that Timesavers was able to draw many potential customers to the sale.  In fact, there were times that the home was so full of customers that some arrivals had to wait outside until others left the home.

We highly recommend Charlene Macias and Timesavers, Inc.  Thanks again for everything.

Gene C.
Farmington, CT



Received your check and the sales results today. Thank you for all of your efforts. I will let all my friends in Chicago that are in my situation know about you and your skills. Also, I know Kelly Leggett has added you to his list of estate sale people on his website.

Thanks again,
Virginia C., San Diego, CA


It was a pleasure working with you and the girls.  I hope you all have recovered from this adventure!  I really appreciate you taking this project on.  You were all so nice to my family which made this so much easier. If you ever need to use me as a reference just let me know. 

Plainfield, IL


We are extremely pleased with the work done by Timesavers at the family home in Northbrook.  The very highest effort is put into the job, and the follow through on all levels is outstanding. It’s very rare in this day and age to have the feeling that you are partnering with someone who feels personally  responsible for the outcome of the work.  Notice of the sale featured various electronic communications, so that the right people  attended the sale.   Our job was a big one, with a lot of organizing, a very busy sale, and a large clean up.  Everything was done efficiently and well, and in a short time frame.   Professionals were called in to evaluate various items, and the financial outcome was more than satisfactory.  Charlene communicated with us in a very timely manner throughout the process. In short, it’s hard to imagine better people to work with in what can be a very stressful time.

Carolyn Lipp and Jerry Sherman


Dear Charlene:

Just a note of thanks for all the work that you and your terrific staff did for our estate/moving sale.  Karen and Draga couldn’t have been nicer...and you coordinated everything like a zen master! Most important, you got us the results we were looking for— and a handsome check to boot!

With appreciation,
Beth Jacoby and Ron Deitch
Lincoln Park, Chicago


Sorting through 45-years of memories, antiques and nicknacks stuffed into a modest two story house is a tough job no matter how you look at it. It took me and my brother 10-months to clean out our parents house in Wilmette, IL. During that time period we had to make a lot of tough decisions on what to keep and what to get rid of. One of our biggest decisions was who we could trust with the estate sale. After doing a lot of research we picked Timesavers Estate Sales. Picking Timesavers was by far one of the best decisions we made during the 10-month process. Originally we thought we could operate the sale ourselves but we quickly learned that that mountain was just too hard to climb. Charlene and her crew came in and brought order to the chaos. I cannot imagine working with anyone else but Charlene and TimeSavers. We will forever be in her debt for helping us when we needed help the most.  

Todd and Jeff Mizener


Good Morning Charlene,

Len and I are happy the sale went well.  We had gone by the house Friday evening to see the pricing and set-up and we both were satisfied with all you and your staff had done. I truly appreciate all you have done to make the sale go as well as it did.  So you know you gave me such relief from the stress of the sale and all it entailed.  I would recommend you and your company to anyone thinking of doing the same type sale.

Thank you so much for all you did.
Nancy, Carol Stream, IL


Thank you, Charlene,

You worked very hard and your efforts were definitely appreciated.
We needed you and I am very glad that the manager at the consignment shop
recommended your service and put us in contact with another very satisfied
customer that gave you such a glowing review that we changed estate sale services.

Susan Konie, St. Charles Illinois
  Susan Konie (nee Jurow)
Your "Guardian Agent"   @ KETTLEY REALTORS
Realtor, Broker-Associate
Marketing Specialist, Buyer Representation
Transaction Management, Negotiations 


"Charlene and her team are experts at evaluating and pricing used goods, as well as collectibles and antiques. They know the market for the town where the sale is held.  Everything is priced to sell, but nothing is 'given away.'

I was pleased with their service and would recommend Timesavers to anyone."

Constance Merritt
Geneva, Illinois



Thank you so much for your help getting through such a trying time in my life.  I don’t know what I would have done without you and your “crew”!

Kim E. Rogers, Artist


It is I who should be thanking you/TimeSavers!  I think you and your team did a WONDERFUL job.  And you're all such nice people too!  Trustworthy and amiable.  I'm very happy with the results!

I'm quite proud of the whole experience actually.  Very glad that you were out there offering this type of service, that you were easy to contact, that you came out to meet w/me, and were willing to help.   Your demeanor (and that of your folks) is good (not snootie at all!).  You're industrious, knowledgeable, well organized, and you made good recommendations.  You put my worries at ease. You are good at what you do and I'd DEFINITELY not hesitate to recommend you to anyone!

Maggie F., Elgin 


Dear Charlene,

I want to thank you for the excellent job you did in handling our recent moving sale.  The planning, organization, advertising and execution of our sale were top-notch.  You and your staff were professional and also very friendly, making our sale a pleasant experience.  Our sale was a great success!  We were pleased at every aspect of your operation.

In addition to a successful sale, your help in disposing of our remaining items to charitable organizations through consignment and donation was invaluable.  We had only two days between our sale and our move date and both of the organizations you suggested packed and picked up our items during that short time.

Your services saved me enormous time and relieved a lot of the stress of downsizing and moving.  I would highly recommend Timesavers Estate Sales to anyone in need of estate or moving sale assistance.


Jan Odegard
Geneva, Illinois


"Charlene, I'm very pleased how you and your team treated me and my household items.  Thank you.   I represent an actual estate and if the executor wants to sell, will recommend you.  Regards."

Angelika Kuehn, Attorney-at-Law, Oak Park, IL


"I need you to know how grateful I am for your existence in my life.  That you and your team were able to help me downsize my single family home in Lincoln Park after my wife was placed in assisted living with Alzheimer’s Disease will be something I’ll never forget.  Not only were you able to help me organize and price 30 years of accumulated personal history, your team was able to get it all sold and out of my home allowing me to move to my new apartment.  The scope and timing of your efforts was nothing less than miraculous.  And I was very pleased with the financial results as well.

It was nothing short of sad irony that my dear sister passed away during July, the month you were doing my estate sale.  When my sister’s family asked for help in finding someone to help do an estate sale of my sister’s belongings I was thrilled to be able to recommend you.  And you did it again!   My sister’s home in Worth was a true challenge but again you and your team rose to the occasion and got the job done in record time.  My nieces and nephews are still raving about you.  What they had intended on putting into dumpsters netted them thousands of dollars.  Further, you emptied the house so quickly and efficiently that we were able to put the home on the market and caught the very end of the fall real estate market.  The closing takes place December 3rd.  Charlene, you know your stuff and you know that I will continue to recommend you to friends, family, and clients forever. "

With sincere gratitude,
Lino A. Darchun, CIPS, CRS, Broker Associate
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate


“I wanted to take the time and thank you for the work and effort Timesavers put forth in the estate sale for my late uncle.  In what was a very trying time, you absolutely delivered on all commitments pre as well as post sale.  It was a pleasure working with you and I will recommend Timesavers to all looking for a professional aid in estate and moving sales.  Thank you again for all your help.”
K. Downing, Franklin Park

“I would like to thank you and Timesavers for holding a successful estate sale at my mother’s home.  During this time of high stress you were able to make everything seem so easy. I really had nothing more to do than mark what items I did not want you to sell. You did the rest. I really appreciated how clean you left the home, it did not go unnoticed.  The advertising must have been really good as I understand there was a constant stream of people coming to the sale. Once again thank you for your professional, friendly services.”
Gayle L., Gurnee


“Writing this recommendation letter comes to me with a great deal of satisfaction. The Timesavers team kicked into full operation sorting and pricing three levels of our house for the big event. The advance advertising in the media and Internet, plus the important signage, all kicked in for a huge success.  The final aftersale is a critical part of a decision for selecting an estate sale company.  To this end, Timesavers fulfilled every part of their agreement, and I would be happy to give them a five star rating and referral.”
Michael & Jane M., Venice, FL


"Thank you very much for your services. It all worked out very well, even though we never met face-to-face. If I ever have the opportunity, I would recommend you to anyone under the same circumstances. Thanks very much for all your help and hard work! Best Wishes."

U.S. Navy, Virginia